Maine, oh Maine.

Yes, I’m back in Vacationland (that is the official slogan of the state. I kid you not – its on their license plates!)

I’m taking a sabbatical/ self-discovery journey/ extended vacation – call it what you will, for the next 12 weeks.

That sounds like a long time doesn’t it? It sure does to me! Longest I’ve been away from a desk and paycheck. I may not make it. Watch this space!

So what am I doing on this break? Taking pictures 🙂 I’m at the Maine Media Workshops + College in Rockport, Maine doing a series of workshops and classes, everything from travel photography, food & still life and portraits. It’s incredibly exciting and I’m stoked to be here! It’s the perfect time of year to be in Maine – lobster festivals, music festivals, boat trips – they’re all on the agenda. Sigh. This not-working-I’m-on-a-break-life is good.

So, week 1 at the school, and I was asked to explore and find pictures that told a story. Off I went (read as ‘walked’) into the town of Rockport. It’s a wee town. 3000 or so people, spread out over a large area. This means there’s hardly anyone ‘downtown’ on Main Street, but is it ever so pretty! Picture post-card like on every corner. So I took pictures of non-people things and could still tell a story of the pride this town takes in being one of the prettiest towns in the USA.

Then spent a day in the ‘big’ town next door — Rockland, Maine. They have a cinema! And they are the hosts for the Lobster Festival in a few weeks – can’t wait for that! Everyone is so friendly here – they all want to tell you their story, and get to know yours, in a very un-nosey way. It’s just the Maine way I suppose. Got lots of pretty pictures of Rockland, its harbor and interesting signs on its Main Street.

More exploring to be done this weekend!!

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