India, the beautiful.

She is gorgeous. But like most beautiful things, she has an edgy side, and as a traveler, you can’t forget that, but, trust me, when you get to Rajasthan, all you see is beauty. Each city in this regal state has its own unique characteristics and color (!) — Jaipur is the Pink City, Jaisalmer is the Golden City and Jodhpur is the Blue City, but as a group, they form some of the most vibrant places you’ll see in India. The Indian education system ‘taught’ me all about the numerous royal empires who lived, plundered, fought and loved this land, but to see it person, puts it all into perspective. In Rajasthan’s architecture, you’ll see evidence of this life (some buildings more well preserved than others) and to me, the palaces, forts and mansions are works of art. These were homes of kings and queens, and while it does seem intrusive to walk through their living spaces with cameras around my neck (I know they would shudder at the thought), for a few fleeting moments it is still an experience to be part of what’s left and imagine what it really must’ve been like to live there. Of course, India continues to grow, but for the sake of art, I hope it never loses touch with its romantic side.

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