The Other China.

I love Shanghai just as much as other cities – it is bustling, bursting and bubbling with people, food and oh, so much energy.

But, far from the cities is where things are slow and mellow. The villages of China have their own story to tell.

I got to visit a few small villages in Fujian province, as part of a trip to visit the tulous in the area. Yes, those tulous that look like missile silos but are actually housing structures built for the Hakka families in the area, designed to keep invaders out.

These villages and small towns are extremely communal, and there’s evidence of it at every corner. Grandparents fawning over little tykes, old friends taking care of each other, duck owners making sure their flock gets back into the cage and don’t end up as someone else’s dinner – you know, the simple relationships.

As a (wannabe) photographer, capturing these faces and moments of their special relationship meant more than discovering the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Yes, the tulous are undoubtedly unique and anthropologically rich, but its people define its character.

So much more to explore in China. Watch this space.

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