Oh, Tokyo.

Finally, finally, finally got to Tokyo. It had been a dream to visit this city, and when I had an opportunity to go there on a business trip, I leaped at the chance and extended it, too!!

And the timing couldn’t have better. Yep, cherry blossom season. Boom! That happened. Spring in that city is just gorgeous. Chilly at times, but if you live in Singapore, you’ll be glad for an opportunity to air your jackets out!

It was great to be in a giant, bustling city again. Everyone going about their day, but also stopping to enjoy the flowers and if you got lucky, maybe a spot under a tree to have a picnic with friends.

Me, on the other hand, fortunately got lost while walking through the neighborhood of Nakameguro. I was trying to find the Meguro river, but took one too many wrong turns so ended up walking the streets of this hipster ‘hood. I was thrilled. Ecstatic. And couldn’t stop taking pictures.

I did eventually make it to the Meguro river, in time to celebrate with pink champagne!

My kind of town.

Watch this space for more about Tokyo.

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