Go for the laksa. Stay for everything else.

Penang’s laksa is legendary. I was warned I would love it, and indeed I did. The Asam Laksa at Joo Hooi Cafe in Georgetown, Penang is just one of the delightful experiences in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get there early, grab whatever seat you can find and then place your order. It is rustic but you’ll thank me later. The Blue Mansion is a stunning piece of architecture, carefully restored over the years and now partly a hotel, allows visitors to experience the opulence of a 19th century Chinese mansion in Malaysia. Grand rooms, ornate staircases, cozy courtyards, motifs, stained glass windows – this beautiful house has it all. And oh, did I mention it is blue all over? The streets of Georgetown are little galleries – some to honor hometown legends such as Jimmy Choo, and others which offer street artists a place to doodle. Either way, quirkiness abounds. Soak it all in. Take a trip to other places on the island – Batu Ferringhi and other beaches are wonderful in their own ways, too.


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